ICP utilizes an emerging business model subject to limited competition at this time. To our knowledge, there is no other company that practices under the same model. We partner with post-acute and long-term care facilities to provide on-site, full-time NP coverage. Not only do we manage acute and chronic medical needs of the residents that reduces hospital readmissions and ER transfers, but we work with the individual facilities to attain quality measures to improve their star ratings, by strategically collaborating daily with MDS. We also are unique in that we work with therapy teams, admissions coordinators, and discharge planners from the hospitals to provide consistent and accurate diagnoses of skilled admissions and skilled residents in order to help facilities achieve maximum reimbursement under the new PDPM payment model. This is what sets us apart from other companies.

What makes our team unique?

ICP Nurse Practitioners focus on building relationships with residents, families, facility healthcare teams, and the collaborating physician to improve communication and resident outcomes. Our Nurse Practitioners collaborate with MDS coordinators, the Director of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Dietary, and Wound Care on a daily basis to proactively diagnose and treat changes in resident conditions before they become emergent.


By partnering with ICP, facilities benefit by gaining improvements through innovative service that ultimately extends to every aspect of the facility’s operations.

  • Residents benefit by having a full-time provider available to them who is following their care closely and by not being on as many medications, experience less hospital visits, and have access to better chronic care management, leading to a higher quality of life.

  • Our healthcare coordination is interdisciplinary and designed to treat the whole patient in order to stabilize or improve a resident’s medical conditions and functional status.

  • Decades of research demonstrate that care provided by APRN’s is cost-effective, safe, and associated with positive health outcomes and patient/family satisfaction.

  • Changes in regulations are necessary to improve patient access to care and encourage the use of APRN’s in nursing homes nationwide.

  • Interaction with families of residents, and initiation of sensitive discussion regarding goals of care.

  • Increased access to health care

  • Improved quality of life

  • Comprehensive and holistic healthcare

  • Timely coordination of information and updates to the resident’s family members.

  • A dedicated NP committed to providing consistent, quality patient-focused service

  • Reliable on-site accessibility

  • Improved patient, physician and family communication

  • Reduced costs through improved quality measures, and reduction in transportation events

  • Increased reimbursements under PDPM

  • Utilization of evidence-based guidelines designed to provide quality outcomes and prevent readmissions and unnecessary emergency visits

  • ICP bills Medicare directly, at NO cost to the facility.

  • ICP Nurse Practitioners have helped dramatically reduce hospital readmissions by as much as 30%, and have seen results in less than 30 days.

  • Reduce antipsychotic drug use, narcotic use, and polypharmacy by collaborating with pharmacy consultant. Our medication management system is in compliance with the Office of Long Term Care and CMS guidelines.

  • ICP NPs are knowledgeable in PDPM and trauma informed care.

  • ICP NPs provide a thorough review of all hospital records and discharge summary on all admissions, with an eye for transition of care errors. These include discharge medication errors, dropped follow up appointment, or other potential lapses in transitions of care.

  • Shared call coverage provided by NP

  • Reduction in after-hours facility calls

  • NPs coordinate and manage consults with other providers to ensure effective communication and optimum results